Case Reports

These case reports were provided as supporting evidence with the U.S. patent application for the DNA-related frequency method (subsequently granted at number 7,280,874). They provide details of observed beneficial results. Read more

1999 Paper About the DNA Frequency Method

This paper is an abridged version of a longer one published in 1999 by Charlene Boehm, the inventor of the DNA frequency method. It describes the method by which the DNA-related frequencies are calculated. Some text from the original 1999 paper has been removed from this version because it is outdated, redundant, or not specifically related to the DNA frequency method. Read more

Types of Frequency-emitting Devices

This is a short article about the various classes of common frequency-emitting devices used experimentally for benefit against pathogens and related situations. It is intended to be helpful for people considering use of this technology, or for those that might want to explore the pros and cons of different devices. Read more

Names of Streptococcus species

So you’ve just received your lab report from a culture test to determine what kind of infection you have. The report simply says: “Alpha hemolytic streptococcus”. What does that mean, and what is the actual species name of the bacteria? Is “Alpha hemolytic streptococcus” the same thing as “Group A streptococcus” (GAS)? Read more