Privacy Policy

Effective Date: October 3, 2018

cpsBioResearch LLC, the owner and manager of www.dnafrequencies.com and its associated services, knows your personal information is very important to you. When you share that information with us in any way, we take our responsibility to protect your information seriously.

For purposes of this Privacy Policy, “personal information” is defined as any of the following: name, email address, postal address, or phone number.

This website www.dnafrequencies.com, and titled “DNA Pathogen Frequencies”, is hosted by Squarespace, Inc. The website is SSL-protected (Secure Sockets Layer) via this hosting service. This means that the connection between your browser and this website is secure, and protects information you might choose to send to us from the website.

A. What does our privacy policy entail?

This privacy policy describes our treatment of information gathered when you visit the “DNA Pathogen Frequencies” website, or when you use certain services offered at the website.

Our policy does not include privacy policies of third parties that cpsBioResearch LLC does not own or control. For some visitors to the website, interaction with such third parties are necessary to make the “Contact” and eCommerce portions of the website functional for you. For more information, please see the last paragraph of section 3b below.

B. What information does the “DNA Pathogen Frequencies” website gather from its users?

1. For visitors that only read at the website, but do not use the “Contact” service or any eCommerce function of the website:

a. When you access the “DNA Pathogen Frequencies” website, certain types of information from your viewing device are automatically acquired and stored on the server logs of Squarespace, Inc. (our hosting service). This includes your device’s IP address, the page(s) you visited, the type of device you used (desktop or mobile), the internet browser you used, the name of your device’s operating system (for instance: Windows, Android, macOS, or Linux), a possible referral source (website name), and the date. This data helps us to analyze interest trends at our website, and assists us with maintaining the website and possibly adding new materials of interest. If you have not used the “Contact” or “eCommerce” portions of the website, the data acquired during your visit cannot be identified with you or connected to you.

Specific IP address logs are kept by Squarespace Inc. for 7 days, after which time they are no longer accessible by us. The other visitor activity records with no IP addresses, are stored by Squarespace for 31 days, after which time they also become inaccessible.

If you would like to read SquareSpace’s Privacy Policy, please go to https://www.squarespace.com/privacy. The sections especially applicable to End Users are: 4(b), 5, 6, and 12. Squarespace Inc. is also certified compliant with Privacy Shield. For more information, see the above link at section 11.

Since we do not participate in third-party advertising, promotions, marketing, or surveys on our website, no information is gathered by such companies during your visit. Likewise, because we do not participate on any social media systems, there are no possible connections to those types of sites.

b. Cookies are small identification codes that are transferred to your viewing device via your browser. They allow our website to recognize your visit, and tell us which pages you visited. The cookies transferred to your device do not acquire any information which would make it possible for us to personally identify you.

Upon first entering the website, you will see a pop-up box advising you that cookies are used at the website. If you prefer, most browsers allow you to give an instruction to not accept new cookies. You should check the “help” menu of your browser for information how to reject cookies. We do recommend however, that you leave the cookies activated in order to have a good experience at the website.

c. The types of cookies that are placed by Squarespace’s hosting service can be viewed here, https://support.squarespace.com/hc/en-us/articles/360001264507.

2. For visitors that use the “Contact” service at the website:

a. If you choose to use the “Contact” function of the website to send us a request or question(s), you will be asked for the following information that personally identifies you: full name, email address, phone, and message. We request an email address for the purpose of replying to your inquiry. We also request a phone number because occasionally, we receive a message in which the email address was incorrectly entered.

b. We retain the contact messages that were sent to us, because on occasion we need to refer back to them for contact or message information. Every few months, these messages are collected from our email folders and saved in separate, searchable electronic storage files. They are then permanently removed from our email program files. Periodically we will also copy older message files onto a compact storage device, and remove them from our working computer(s).

c. Because we never use email “address books”, your email address is never saved in our email program in that manner.

d. Squarespace Inc. does not collect or store any personal information or messages that are submitted to us via the “Contact” webpage: once you press the “submit” button, nothing is retained at their servers. If you feel a need to save your message for some reason, please copy and paste it to a document of your choice.

3. For visitors that use the eCommerce pages at the website:

a. Acquiring the DNA-related frequency product information requires the execution of a licensing and release from liability agreement with cpsBioResearch LLC. In order to use the password-protected eCommerce section of the website (i.e., the “Buy Now” pages), you must send us a signed copy of that agreement from your email address. The agreement is available from the “How to Order” pages. In order to provide our services to you, this agreement collects the following personal information from you: your full name, your legal postal physical address, a phone number, and email address. We need this information to fulfill our legal responsibility in sending you via email, personally labeled frequency data documents that you order and pay for via the website.

Once we receive your licensing/liability agreement, we immediately print a paper copy of it, and send you the password information to enable use of the eCommerce section of the website. Soon thereafter, the agreement is countersigned by cpsBioResearch LLC, and a copy of the countersigned page is scanned and returned to you via email (or in print form by postal mail if so requested).

We do not retain electronic copies of your agreement. If you sent the agreement to us via email, it is immediately deleted from our email inbox folder after being printed on paper. Once we send you the countersigned page via email, that message from us is deleted from our email sent box, and the countersigned image page is permanently deleted from our computer files.

Once your agreement is printed on paper, it is stored in a physical file under secure locked conditions. Since we have no employees, no other persons are able to access the agreement files.

We do keep an electronic database file with our customers’ names, email addresses, physical address, history of purchased items, and date of last order. This database allows us to fill orders in an efficient manner, and to check previous order history for verification. The file is password-protected for security purposes.

b. When you place an order from our website, you will have a choice of using for payment 1) a credit card (processed by Stripe), or 2) a currently existing Paypal account. When placing your order, you will need to provide the following personal information: your name, physical address, email address, and payment processing information. Once the order is placed, both you and we receive an email copy of your order from Squarespace Inc. This email will contain the above stated personal information, minus your payment processing information. We subsequently print a paper copy of your order. Once it is filled, our electronic customer database file is updated, and the paper copy of your order is placed with the physical file containing your agreement, as described in the two paragraphs above.

Once you have assembled your order items into the shopping cart at the website and proceed to process the order on a subsequent page, your payment processing information is not retained by Squarespace Inc. Instead, that information is immediately funneled through to the third party payment processor of your choice (i.e., your credit card which is processed by Stripe, or Paypal). Therefore, cpsBioResearch LLC never sees or has access to your payment processing information.

As third party payment processors, Stripe and Paypal have their own Privacy policies: to see the policy for Stripe, go to https://stripe.com/us/privacy; and for Paypal, go to https://www.paypal.com/us/webapps/mpp/ua/privacy-full. Please note we have no interaction with, or control over those policies.

For refund, legal and/or tax accounting purposes, Squarespace Inc., Paypal and Stripe do retain a history of orders. In the order history section of this particular website, Squarespace retains full names, postal addresses, email addresses, and phone numbers. Paypal and Stripe will also have a record of that information, as well as your payment processing information.

c. Once we have received your order, your personal information (name and address) is entered into one or more pdf documents containing the licensed DNA-related frequency information and the document(s) are sent to you via an attachment to an email. This not only fills your order, but provides further evidence that you are a licensed user of the information.

How to contact us

If you have questions or comments about this privacy policy, please contact us through the website, or write to us at the address below:

cpsBioResearch, LLC
320 Gilbert Rd.
Columbus, NC 28722 USA

This privacy policy is subject to change without notice.